Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to Whackadoo Land

Welcome to never boring, rarely quiet Whackadoo Land.  I am still not sure how I got here or if it ever settles down, but most days I can say I enjoy the ride (ok, in the end at least).  The scenery is sometimes pretty and the company... well I love them.  
My hope for this blog is that it may entertain and/or help at least someone along the way; WHILE holding me accountable for the things I *want* to get accomplished.  As, I'm sure, most moms can relate, that doesn't always happen.  I will try to keep up with posting what's going on, including general mom-related craziness/observations/rants, some of the crafting and cooking projects going on, and if I ever get anything figured out the diy wedding planning, as I go.  
Insight from others is always welcome and if you want to share a story, can relate, think we're/I'm crazy, or generally have something to say, please do so (but let's try to not be unnecessarily nasty to each other in comments, I will not leave comments up that flame others; difference of opinion is good, meanness is not).  The idea is we are all adults and (most likely) parents here so let's try to be supportive, that's my goal, anyway.  

Since I have so many balls in the air, at the moment, I will leave it at that.  Hope to see you and hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by!  

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