Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Friends' New Baby

A good friend of mine was due to have a baby in mid-August.  I will admit, I put off getting a gift made for the baby.  But wouldn't you know it, the moment I get what I needed and decided on what to make, the little man decided it was time to enter the world.  Since this is the first child after several years (their daughter is in her teens and son in the pre-teens) and I didn't know them when they had their older children, I really wanted to have this done in time, but oh well.  Life goes on and I am now playing catch up.  115 degree F days have made that a little difficult, especially since we were under a boil-water order for a couple of days.  Now I am back at it and trying to quickly get it done.  Since the new baby is a little boy I'm going with blue for each item and will post pics after, but in the mean time I will post links to the instructions for creating these items as they are not mine, they are free, and I am happy to give credit where it is due.  So the first project is/was an Amigurumi Pony from the Red Heart website and the blanket is also from the Red Heart website it is called Summer Baby Blanket (I used blue in place of pink in the areas that are pink, I will list yarn choices when I am finished)  .
I am in no way connected with Red Heart, but I figured I'd share the links.

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