Sunday, July 31, 2011

Favorites, how the heck did that happen?

I "like" a bunch of craft related pages on FB, that's ok, crafts and cooking are kind of big parts of my life, right?  Well, every day each of these pages posts some kind of project or recipe or the link to a project.  This is all well and good, lots of interesting stuff to consider trying or to have inspire other creative ideas.  This is never a bad thing. 
That is until yesterday, when I went to show my daughter (Fidget) a cute sewing project for up-cycling old shirts I've been considering doing for her.  Fidget is 10, she is a strange cross between "girly" and "tomboy," it works for her so ok.  Anyway, I click on the "Crafts" folder on my favorites list.... WHUCK??  There is so much stuff in there I know I'm going to have to break down and actually sort it out and organize it sometime soon (when I find that TimeTree, the one that grows right next to the MoneyTree, they keep moving spots in the yard and  I have a hard time finding them).  With this in mind, I decided to not add too much more to the folder until I've organized it; oh who am I kidding?  I'm like a junkie with this kind of stuff!  Today's can't be missed, absolutely have to add to favorites?  Make your own glitter... that's right make it yourself!  Right here .DIY Glitter  I take no credit and have no affiliation, but it sounds really simple and pretty darn cool to me.  I can totally see Fidget loving this intensely.  Make my own glitter?  Whatever color I want?  Are you SURE Mommy?  Yeah, I guess that resolve is shot.  I think I'll just make some folders separating types of crafts tonight and starting putting things in the folders little by little.  This way - in the meantime - I can actually be organizing any new ones that come along.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Friends' New Baby

A good friend of mine was due to have a baby in mid-August.  I will admit, I put off getting a gift made for the baby.  But wouldn't you know it, the moment I get what I needed and decided on what to make, the little man decided it was time to enter the world.  Since this is the first child after several years (their daughter is in her teens and son in the pre-teens) and I didn't know them when they had their older children, I really wanted to have this done in time, but oh well.  Life goes on and I am now playing catch up.  115 degree F days have made that a little difficult, especially since we were under a boil-water order for a couple of days.  Now I am back at it and trying to quickly get it done.  Since the new baby is a little boy I'm going with blue for each item and will post pics after, but in the mean time I will post links to the instructions for creating these items as they are not mine, they are free, and I am happy to give credit where it is due.  So the first project is/was an Amigurumi Pony from the Red Heart website and the blanket is also from the Red Heart website it is called Summer Baby Blanket (I used blue in place of pink in the areas that are pink, I will list yarn choices when I am finished)  .
I am in no way connected with Red Heart, but I figured I'd share the links.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to Whackadoo Land

Welcome to never boring, rarely quiet Whackadoo Land.  I am still not sure how I got here or if it ever settles down, but most days I can say I enjoy the ride (ok, in the end at least).  The scenery is sometimes pretty and the company... well I love them.  
My hope for this blog is that it may entertain and/or help at least someone along the way; WHILE holding me accountable for the things I *want* to get accomplished.  As, I'm sure, most moms can relate, that doesn't always happen.  I will try to keep up with posting what's going on, including general mom-related craziness/observations/rants, some of the crafting and cooking projects going on, and if I ever get anything figured out the diy wedding planning, as I go.  
Insight from others is always welcome and if you want to share a story, can relate, think we're/I'm crazy, or generally have something to say, please do so (but let's try to not be unnecessarily nasty to each other in comments, I will not leave comments up that flame others; difference of opinion is good, meanness is not).  The idea is we are all adults and (most likely) parents here so let's try to be supportive, that's my goal, anyway.  

Since I have so many balls in the air, at the moment, I will leave it at that.  Hope to see you and hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by!